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CLIENT: Dynamite Inc. & WACO Aircraft

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Artwork In Motion

The WACO biplane marries today’s technology and safety features with yesterday’s graceful design. Boasting unequaled craftsmanship and artisan aspects, each of our hand-made biplanes exemplifies the keenest attention to detail. The result is an exclusive aircraft that offers beauty, performance and luxury. In other words, the WACO is truly a work of art.

Using a combination of the original 1930’s drawings and modern-day CAD technology, our engineers and artisans put more than 5,000 labor hours of the finest craftsmanship into each WACO aircraft. Each aircraft part is built domestically in America, Canada and Europe by proficient aviation engineers and hand-forming artisans using time-tested skills.

Custom made for each owner, the body of the WACO aircraft is structured from wood and fabric. Talented WACO wood-workers build each wing to exact standards before our artisans literally hand-stitch each wing with premium stitching material. WACO engineers also utilize state-of-the-art metal forming techniques with the help of an 800-ton hammer press, a two-story high machine in Detroit, Michigan. Throughout the process, our skilled experts masterfully incorporate some of the rarest, most complicated methods in aircraft engineering. 

Our engineers and artists are always willing to spend the extra time and resources to ensure every single aircraft embodies absolute perfection. It all comes together to create the most elegant, exclusive and exhilarating sport biplane imaginable: the WACO.