Armed with more than 15 years of professional writing experience, WritePunch can knock out everything from web copy, print ads and blogs to video scripts, magazine articles and books.

Whether it’s a catchy tagline or a massive ghostwriting project, we’ll craft captivating content targeted to your unique audience. 

Kick-Ass Copy Since 2005

Founded in 2005 by Amy Bell, WritePunch Inc. dishes out impossible-to-ignore content for any type of project. Here are just a few of the writing and editing services we offer:

  • Website copywriter
  • SEO copywriting
  • Book Editor
  • Ghostwriter
  • Freelance Blogger
  • Radio & TV advertising writer
  • Content marketing copywriter
  • Social Media content generation
  • Video scriptwriting
  • Print advertising copywriter
  • Screenplay writer and editor
  • Magazine article copywriter
  • Newsletters and E-blast copywriter
  • Press release copywriter

Serving All Industries

WritePunch serves up compelling content for a wide range of clients. We've written for TV networks, software companies, funeral homes, financial advisors, dentists, investment blogs, direct sales companies, banks and credit unions, agricultural publications, parenting websites, real estate agencies, law firms, CPAs, insurance professionals and pest management companies—just to name a few. 


Searching for an Expert Copywriter? Look No Further.
On the hunt for a marketing copywriter or advertising copywriter? You’ve come to the right place. As a freelance copywriter with nearly two decades of experience, WritePunch founder Amy Bell is proficient in an array of copywriting services, including website copywriting, direct response copywriting and seo copywriting. But don’t take our word for it. Visit our “Work” section to see Amy’s extensive copywriter portfolio, which is chock full of compelling copywriting examples.

Book Editing:

WritePunch Offers Professional Book Editing Services
A question we hear quite often is, “Can you edit my book?” Why yes, we can! With nearly 10 published books under our belt, we specialize in editing services for books. If you’re looking for professional book editing services, contact us today to inquire about our book editing rates. Amy Bell of WritePunch has tons of experience with editing books, from Kindle edition books to online book editing. If you’re struggling with editing a book or just need some book editing tips, don’t be shy—ask about our freelance book editing services. We can handle a wide range of book editing jobs, from business manuscripts to memoirs to fiction novels.

Professional Ghostwriting:

Need an Expert Ghostwriter? You’ve Come to the Right Place. Do you have a brilliant book, blog or article idea…but don’t have the time, patience or writing skills to put the story to paper? You need to hire a ghostwriter! Don’t fret, a ghostwriter isn’t as ominous as it sounds. A ghostwriter is simply a professional writer who is hired to write books, manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, articles, blogs or other content that is officially credited to the person who hired them. In other words, our freelance ghostwriter will ghostwrite your book, article or other content—and you can take all the credit!

Believe it or not, many of the books you’ve read by celebrities, politicians and even famous authors were actually written by ghostwriters. (We’re not naming any names.) But seriously, there’s absolutely no shame to hiring a ghostwriter. After all, the ingenious idea is all yours. The ghost writer simply helps you put those ideas to paper.

If you’re ready to hire a pro to ghostwrite your memoir, ebook or article, where do you begin? Finding a ghostwriter is much easier than you might think. In fact, you’ve already come to the right place.

Here at WritePunch, we have experienced, published ghostwriters for hire. We’ve ghostwritten more than a dozen published books and hundreds of blogs and articles. Whether you need a memoir ghostwriter, ebook ghostwriter or a ghostwriter for any other type of content, contact us today for our ghostwriting rates. And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. Before we begin the process of writing your content, we’ll sign an official ghostwriting contract. This contract guarantees that we’ll never disclose our involvement with your book, article or other text.

Did we mention we love referrals? If any of your friends, relatives or colleagues are wondering how to find a ghost writer, send them to WritePunch. Email us today to learn more about our professional ghostwriting services and ask about ghost writing rates!


Amy inspires complete confidence that a project will not only be completed, but that it will be done timely, professionally and masterfully. I do not hesitate to call on Amy for my most complex assignments.  She is so skillful in working with her interview subjects that they seek to hire her themselves! I look forward to reading Amy’s assignments when I receive them.  She has such a knack for interweaving facts, anecdotes and related content so that you don’t even realize you’re learning something as you’re reading it.
— Janay Rickwalder, Editor of PestWorld, NPMA’s bi-monthly magazine
WritePunch is not the cheapest option we have for copywriting, but it is certainly our best option. The quality of the writing is phenomenal and because we don’t have to go back for second drafts it offers a better value compared to less expensive, less talented writers.
— Doug Clery, Owner, adfinity
Freelance Blogger Article for

Freelance Blogger Article for

4.6/5 stars on  Edited & Expanded by Amy Bell of WritePunch!

4.6/5 stars on Edited & Expanded by Amy Bell of WritePunch!

5/5 stars on Amazon!  Edited by WritePunch!

5/5 stars on Amazon! Edited by WritePunch!

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Past copywriting clients of WritePunch are TNT Yahoo Cartoon Network Investopedia