CLIENT: The Weather Channel

PROJECT: Weather UK Ad Trade Brochure


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–Holly Wasson, Strategic Marketing & Partnership Development Executive


Why advertise on

Because weather impacts everyone.

Weather is everywhere, and it affects everyone. That’s what makes so prevalent. Because we provide relevant information that touches people’s daily lives, we have a natural connection with consumers. Advertising on our site allows you to tap into that powerful connection.

Because weather makes a lasting impression.

When consumers visit, they aren’t just surfing the Web for entertainment—they’re coming with a need, a purpose. They need to know the weather so they can plan for the days or the weeks ahead. That’s why visitors are more likely to remember the information they find on our site. Our users are more alert, more engaged, more receptive. They recall the forecast—and they also recall your message.

Because weather breaks through the clutter.

Consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages each day. If you want to break through the clutter and reach your target audience, you need a partner that has a genuine connection with consumers. That’s exactly what offers. Because we provide relevant information, we offer truly meaningful ways for advertisers to reach consumers. We connect. You break through. It’s that simple.