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There are countless conflicting opinions when it comes to fertility-boosting foods. Some studies point to zinc as the magic fertility bullet. This type of research claims that the consumption of at least 15 mg of zinc a day can increase semen and testosterone production in men and ovulation and fertility in women, report the editors at Zinc plays a positive role in female fertility by promoting proper cell division, a process critical to the earliest stages of conception and fetal development. Similarly, in male reproduction zinc may well be necessary for adequate testosterone levels and sperm counts. Oysters, chicken, beef, crab, and turkey are all good sources of zinc.

However, while zinc is known throughout the medical community as a helpful mineral that keeps reproductive systems in good working order, no studies show that downing a dozen oysters or gobbling up a 20-pound turkey every day will transform you into a baby-making factory. As a matter of fact, taking excessive amounts of any type of vitamins or minerals can decrease fertility.