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Catch the Aquatic Fitness Wave

Water exercise is skyrocketing in popularity, especially here in Florida where pools are plentiful. And it’s no wonder—these wet workouts offer improved cardiovascular fitness as well as stronger muscles. Plus, water provides protection for those with sore or injured joints. The buoyancy of water offers the body support, decreasing the odds of pulled muscles or aching bones. That means that practically anyone, even those suffering from Osteoporosis, chronic back pain or knee injuries, can participate in water aerobics.

Additionally, you can partake in water fitness whether you’re a strong swimmer or not. Water aerobics classes are usually held in chest-deep water, allowing you to stay on your toes at all times. For the deeper water classes, participants are provided with a flotation device.

The typical water aerobics routine includes dance steps, body movements and stretches performed both under and above the water. The classes, which are generally led by a certified instructor, are often accompanied by upbeat music and vary from beginner to advanced levels.

The energetic movements of water aerobics are certain to get your heart pumping, which helps to improve your cardiovascular conditioning. Additionally, because the water provides resistance against your body, these classes put your muscles to work, resulting in higher strength and flexibility. Water contains higher density than air—therefore, exercises performed underwater generally require more energy than land-based workouts. On average, you can burn anywhere from 450 to 700 calories in a water aerobics class.

Many fitness centers are offering two new water fitness classes—Water Yoga and Water Pilates. These classes adapt the same stretches and strength training exercises of Yoga and Pilates for the pool. Water Yoga and Water Pilates are both designed to improve posture and balance while strengthening the “core,” or abdominal region.

If you’re ready to dive into water fitness, contact your local pool or gym for more information.